About Us

Founded in 2017 by Real Estate Professional Luke Hemmings, this dynamic business has grown rapidly over the past 14 months. The business’s unabated growth is underpinned by a fresh, dynamic and innovative approach to real estate which is continually redefining the boundaries of exceptional customer service.

With a footprint across our marketplace, the Masakali Group offers solutions across residential property sales, property management, project marketing and finance. We have developed a solid reputation for delivering exceptional results. We are attentive in identifying our client’s needs and finding creative ways to help them through buying, selling, investing and leasing.

As the leading agents in local residential property, Masakali Estate Agents specialises in premium and middle market real estate, selling prestige properties, modern family homes and contemporary apartments in unique lifestyle locations. Masakali Estate Agents is a people-centric business that reflects and supports the needs of the community.

Our business is founded on values of family, community and generosity. We believe that much or our success has been due to our strong community focus and as such we believe in giving back. We do this through our support of local schools, sporting clubs and charities.